Piezoelectric Pressure Transducer

The piezoelectric pressure transducer is absolutely inert to radiation, temperature variations and electromagnetic fields.

Pressure Piezo Transducer

Piezoelectric pressure transducer is synonymous with rugged, stable and extremely efficient and accurate transducers.

These transducers make use of the ability of certain materials, especially ceramics, to generate an electrical charge when the pressure or mechanical stress is exerted on the substances.

piezoelectric pressure transducer

Needless to say, the substances are perfect as far as construction of the diaphragm of the pressure sensors is concerned. The pressure exerted on the piezoelectric material is passed on to the sensor which leads to the generation of the electric charge which is then measured by digital or analog means.

The biggest advantage that a piezoelectric pressure transducer offers over all other transducers is that it is extremely rapid and involves a virtually zero deflection due to the compression.

One of the biggest disadvantages of mechanical devices was that the interconnection of the various parts often led to lack of accuracy. This may not be a big deal.

However even the slightest reduction or increase in pressure may be very harmful for productivity or even unsafe in the automobile industry, the nuclear or aerospace industry.

This piezoelectric pressure transducer uses direct-sensing materials such as crystals or plastics. Piezoelectric materials as they become subject to strain, stress or as in this case extreme pressure exhibit a change in resistance a necessary ingredient in high frequency electrical output.

These advantages apart, the piezoelectric pressure sensor is absolutely inert to radiation, temperature variations and electromagnetic fields. This makes it perfect to be used in the nuclear industry.

piezoelectric pressure transducer

If you think that the piezoelectric pressure transducer is used only in fancy devices and expensive equipment, then think again. The basic logic underlying these transducers are utilized in cell phones that offer touch pad facilities. Hence, the next time you whip out of the cell phone and use the screen to operate the device, remember that you are just making use of a piezoelectric transducer to get the job done.

You will have to pay special emphasis on the sensing material used and the sensing design utilized in the device. Different ceramic and devices have different piezoelectric qualities.

Hence, you should choose the right substance depending upon your requirements. Further, the design has a significant impact on the size and the weight of the final product that will be installed.

Design becomes very important in underwater or high altitude equipment as increase or decrease in weight and size will have a significant impact on productivity and efficiency.

Piezoelectric Pressure Transducer Devices

Following are some of the piezoelectic pressure transducer devices available in the market.

1) 902 Absolute Piezo Vacuum Transducer

piezoelectric pressure transducer
902 Absolute Piezo Vacuum Transducer
  • Low cost
  • Compact design saves space
  • Stainless steel vacuum sensor is suitable for harsh environments
  • Both analog output and digital communication eases use and integration
  • Optional local LCD readout

2) 910 DualTrans MicroPirani/Absolute Piezo Vacuum Transducer

piezoelectric pressure transducer
910 DualTrans MicroPirani/Absolute Piezo Vacuum Transducer
  • Integrated electronics and two sensors in one unit saves space
  • Analog output and digital communication
  • Mountable in any orientation
  • Three setpoints with fast response time for reliable process control

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